English Magic Show

Let’s plan an English Magic Show!

English-speaking magic show planHow about some magic for overseas customers to enjoy?

A magician ninja will enliven people from overseas with magic!

We are very pleased with the popularity of making fun memories for foreigners.

Reasons why we recommend English Magic Show

1. World-class magic!

Magic is a universal form of entertainment. Easy to understand and easy to get excited about!

There is no doubt that the venue will be filled with excitement!

Of course, we also have magicians who can speak English and Chinese.

2. The magic of Japanese culture!?

Since ancient times, there has been a magic called wazuma in Japan, and it is easy to convey Japanese culture!

It is also a good chance to experience Japanese culture.

If you wish, you can also do magic using Japanese things.

3. Ninja

Speaking of Japan, “ninja” The ninja and magic are a perfect match!

Both are professions that make the impossible possible.

We are sure you will enjoy it!

Details of English Magic Show

Dress up as a ninja and enjoy a magic show.

The location can be indoors or outdoors.

There is no doubt that foreigners will have a blast at the magician who appears as a ninja!

Normal course gold course Platinum course
Appearance time 15 minutes~ 15 minutes~ 15 minutes~
Price (approximate) 50,000 yen 100,000 yen 300,000 yen
temporary magician Omakase class Class A Class S
About magicians
Omakase Class:Dispatch an entrusted magician who prioritizes securing a schedule.
Class A:Depending on the content of the event, we will dispatch magicians with experience in media appearances and those who have participated in world competitions.
Class S:Dispatch first-class famous magicians who are active in the media.

※Prices shown do not include tax. Transportation fee will be charged separately.
※Prices vary depending on location, magician, and program time.


  1. I will put a customer on the stage and predict Trump, but…
  2. Magician breaks Guinness World Record! ? Rubik’s Cube early!
  3. A floating table.
  4. If you fail, you will get soaked! Suspense magic!
  5. Fun only for those who see it! ? Secret climax magic!

※Table magic option can also be added.
※Please note that the content of the performance changes depending on the magician.

How to apply

Please apply by phone or by using the email form from the button below.
It will be smoother if you tell us that you would like an English-speaking magic show plan.


Can I do it anywhere?
We also have table magic in ninja costumes, so you can do it even if the venue is small.
Is there a target age group for overseas customers?
Nothing in particular.
It is a show that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy.
Can you do magic other than Japanese-style magic?
Is possible.
If you contact us, we will choose a magician according to your wishes.

Recommended magician


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