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Thank you for considering my request to dispatch a magician.
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  • Invitation to appear in a magic show
  • Lecture request
  • Request to perform bridal magic at a wedding
  • Contact Magic Corporate Training
  • Request to perform at a nursing care facility
  • Requests to appear in various media

Magician Dispatch Application

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    Venue/Event Information

    (〇〇 event, 〇〇 party, wedding reception, etc.)
    Month Day
    Number of people Table number
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    Displays the Magician Dispatch Land Agreement.

    Magician Dispatch Land Regulations

    This agreement is written by Magical Heartbeat Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MHB") at wedding receptions and various parties (hereinafter referred to as "party") This service (hereinafter referred to as "the service") was created for the purpose of providing these services smoothly under mutual trust when concluding a contract to provide the service. is. It contains important information, so please be sure to read it before concluding the contract, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    1. Conclusion of contract

    The contract for this service will be concluded when the customer communicates their intention to apply via the application page, email, telephone, etc., and when our company agrees to it. After that, if there is no prior arrangement, please transfer the designated performance fee in full to the following account within one week. The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

    Financial Institution Name/Mizuho Bank Branch Name/Shinjuku Minamiguchi Branch Account Name/(Normal) 2021096 Account Name/Magical Heartbeat Inc.

    2. Choosing a Magician

    The magician who provides this service will be arbitrarily arranged by MHB. However, in the event of an unforeseen event such as a natural disaster or sudden illness of a magician, MHB may arbitrarily determine a substitute to provide this service.

    3. Transportation expenses

    Transportation expenses borne by MHB in providing this service shall be paid to MHB in advance along with performance fees in accordance with the provisions of Article 1. In addition, if transportation expenses increase or decrease due to changes in the venue after the conclusion of this agreement, settlement shall be made on the day of provision of this service.

    4. Contents of this service

    If we hear your wishes in advance regarding the contents of this service, we will try to provide a program that meets your wishes as much as possible. Please note that the magician may be forced to change the contents ad-lib, and we do not guarantee the success or failure of the magic performed in this service or the satisfaction of the viewers.

    5. Music Copyright Procedure

    Please note that if there is a burden such as a music copyright license fee when using music in providing this service, we may ask the customer or the venue provider to bear the burden. .

    6. Cancellation fee

    After this contract has been concluded, if the customer cancels due to personal reasons, the following cancellation fee will be charged according to the timing of receiving the notification of the cancellation. In addition, as for the payment method, we will issue an invoice with the cancellation fee, or if you have received the performance fee, we will offset it from there, and MHB will refund the remaining amount to the customer. Please also present the bank account for the refund at the time of application.

    1. From the establishment of this contract to 32 days before the date of provision of this service Cancellation: Amount equivalent to 25% of the performance fee (tax included)
    2. Cancellation from 31 days to 8 days before the date of provision of this service: an amount equivalent to 50%
    3. Cancellation between 7 days and 2 days before the date of provision of this service: an amount equivalent to 75%
    4. Cancellation on or after the day before the service is provided: 100%

    7. Termination

    If the customer has a relationship with a so-called anti-social force such as an organized crime group, if it is determined that there is a risk of doing an act that violates the law or public order and morals, or if MHB decides to cancel this service according to the customer's request If it is determined that it is extremely difficult to provide the information, we may refuse the contract or cancel the contract even if it has already been signed. In that case, even if the customer suffers damage, MHB shall not be obliged to bear it at all.

    8. Damages

    If MHB violates this contract and causes damage to the customer, we will compensate to the extent that a reasonable causal relationship is recognized. However, the upper limit of the amount of compensation shall be the performance fee.

    9. Court of Jurisdiction

    If a dispute arises in relation to this Agreement, the district court or summary court that has jurisdiction over the location of MHB's head office will be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance, depending on the amount in dispute.

    10. Purpose of use of personal information

    Your personal information will be strictly and properly managed by MHB. In addition, we will not use it for any purpose other than the following.

    1. Various communications to customers regarding the provision of services, announcements of new product plans, events, etc.
    2. Communication and discussion with venue operators and entrusted magicians to the extent necessary to provide services (Personal information necessary for designated contractors will be disclosed only in this issue)
    3. Responding to disclosure requests from public institutions such as the police, tax offices, and courts by exercising authority based on laws and regulations

    For those who could not use the magician dispatch application email form

    Depending on your environment, the mail form may not work.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us directly at the email address below.
    We will check the contents of the e-mail and contact you again from the person in charge.

    If there is no contact after 3 days, it is possible that the email did not arrive due to a mistake.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but in that case, please consider contacting us by phone.


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